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Project Overview

Nolan Associates were appointed as civil and structural engineers for the KLM Engineering’s new Hangar 9 and Workshop Buildings at Norwich airport.
The airport’s new 54000 ft sq hangar features a 48m span central truss and 45m spanning roof trusses off each side. The building feature two 40m wide doors hung off the roof steelwork.
The central box girder double truss was designed to be stable without additional temporary bracing.

The ground floor slab had to be designed for the plane weight plus heavy jacking loads.
The 90mm wide hangar was site on a sloping site and therefore the ground levels varied by 600mm across the site. The level of the ground floor slab had to be considered carefully to reduce the amount of imported fill to a minimum. Imported stone is in short supply in Norfolk during the project which was completed in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Norwich Airport (2021)

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