Nolan Associates

Nolan design 17 storey student accommodation

21 May 2018

The Harvest Partnership, a joint venture between Land Securities and Sainsbury’s, has contracted Interserve to construct a new Sainsbury’s supermarket, a 418-bed student accommodation scheme, 11 other shops and parking facilities.  Interserve will also prepare the site for a petrol station, undertake hard and soft landscaping, and install a footbridge over a canal.

Nolan Associates have designed the 17 storey precast concrete student accommodation tower for McCann Precast. Nolan Associates have also provided the 1630 fabrication drawings for each of the individual concrete wall panels which feature the brickwork cladding and insulation, stairs, and floor units.

There are 84 Cladding Panels with brickwork, 112 stair flights, 815 internal and external wall panels and 619 floor units. All 18 storeys of drawings are complete with the majority of panels cast and stored ready for installation.

Completion of the shops is expected in autumn 2018, followed soon after by the opening of the Sainsbury’s store. The student accommodation should be completed in time for the start of the 2019 academic year. The first two storeys of precast were installed in the last month. (see photo)

The 30-acre site used to be a battery factory. Specialist contractor J Carey carried out the remediation works to decontaminate the ground.

Interserve managing director Gordon Kew said: “Our Birmingham roots mean we are very proud of our long association with the city, where we have built many landmark projects. Undertaking this major redevelopment enables us to continue contributing to its future prosperity.